who am i?


Modern day storyteller

Hi !

My name is Nicolas Zimmermann but you will mainly find me on social medias by the name of Zimy Da Kid.

In a world where content is king thanks to social medias and online communication, I’ll create the visuals you need to make it to the next level.

You either have a message to tell, an idea to share or a vision to promote. I have the ability to bring your story to life and make it worth watching.

Putting my heart and soul in each video I create brings originality and emotions that will spread a message in an eye-catching way.

My deep passion for adventures first brought me to the travel industry but as a versatile filmmaker, I’m creating corporate movies, for any kind of companies as well as after movies for sport events or even music videos.





As an artist, I always look for an original and eye-catching way to bring stories to life in order to stand out and take my clients’ wish to the next level.

Different types of videos can be done: cinematic videos to showcase a location, a service or a product / instructional videos about a service or anything / interviews / 1min Instagram edits / short Instagram videos / short Instagram loops / short Instagram boomerangs

I invite you to click here to have a look at my videos.



I don’t only shoot videos. If you’re looking for photo work, you can have a glimpse at my stills here.

My eye as well as my editing techniques allow me to stand out on social medias and be known for my own style. However, when working for clients, I can easily edit according to their wishes if needed.


Visual Identity

My services can include the creation of a whole visual identity.

We’ll work together to build a concept that will represent your vision. This service includes the videos and pictures that will feed your whole website or social medias in order to stick to a specific style that will define your identity.


Visibility / Social Medias

Beside creating content, I can offer visibility as well by sharing the visuals we’ll create together.

This can be done through my own social medias as well as on a travel related page I’m collaborating with on Facebook for a total audience of over 3 millions people.



Kayak Drone.jpg

How we’ll collaborate

discuss copie.png

1 - Discuss

First, we’ll talk about the project.

You’ll share your vision and wishes with me and I’ll give you my ideas and artistic point of view.

shoot copie.png

2 - Shoot

Once ready with the right plan, I’ll start shooting the whole project.

edit copie.png

3 - Edit

When everything is shot, I’ll edit the whole video. This, of course, includes a non-copyright song, sound design and color grading.

feedback copie.png

4 - Feedback

Once the edit is ready, I’ll send you a preview in order to have your feedback and make changes if needed.

render copie.png

5 - Render

I’ll then render the whole project and send it your way either by e-mail or with a google drive.


6 - Share / Promote

Finally, we’ll share the visuals we created with the entire world. This can be done through my own social medias or some pages I collaborate with for a total audience of more than 3’000’000.



Designed to fit the target

All of the visuals I make are thought and created in order to reach the most people depending on each platform.


The visuals I create that are destined for Instagram are always short (< 1 minute), intense and vertical in order to be more appealing when people scroll down their feed. Short single videos or boomerangs can be made as well. Visuals can be created specifically for the stories as well in order to call for people’s action or share some other kind of content.


Videos designed for Facebook are usually quite short (<= 3 minutes) and very punchy in order to keep the viewer’s attention among the big amount of content Facebook generates.

Website / YouTube

The videos I design for YouTube and/or your website can be longer and hold more information depending on your wishes.


More Than Content Creation


If you’re looking further than content creation, I can promote the visuals we’ll create together on social medias through different platforms: either my own accounts or pages that I collaborate with such as @discoverearth (3’200’000 followers) and @ourplanetdaily (3’200’000 followers) on Instagram or The Travel Bible (504’000 followers) on Facebook.

Beside that, I can give you tips on how to grow your own social medias with simple but effective strategies.




 I mainly shoot with mirrorless cameras such as the Sony A7III in order to remain lightweight and flexible for any shoot. Wether it’s up on top of a mountain, deep in the ocean or in a hospital, my gear allows me to shoot anything.

I own a DJI Mavic Pro 2 for aerial images. The small size and lightweight of this drone allow me to take it anywhere and everywhere. I can even shoot aerial content at night in dark environments.

If needed, I can provide high quality underwater imaging as well by bringing my camera underwater with a professional waterproof case.

Either running, walking or even riding, my Zhiyun Crane 2 stabilizer allows me to record the smoothest footage possible.

If needed for specific projects, I can shoot with a RED Epic Dragon 6K camera.

Last but not least, I own specific filmmaking lights such as the Aputure 120D Mark II to turn any indoor situation into a movie scene.